Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Lazy Sri Lankans

Have you noticed how lazy or disinterested we Ceylonese/Sri Lankans are?
On one of my websites (currymad.net) there are some FREE give-aways and you'd think there would be at least a few hundred "Takers"; think again!
Well, I hope this general claim/accusation will as they say "Light a firecracker under our Ceylonese/Sri Lankans bums!" (I'm not expecting ANY response, knowing the nature of the beast).


Anonymous said...

Just to let you know that anything is possible, I made a "Curry Pizza" on Wednesday, "Curry Paste" being the only "Curry" component of the pizza. Tasted delicious (even if I may say so myself).

Will soon be on my "Curry Free Zone" website www.justcooking.net for you to enjoy, FREE!

Curry Mad said...

How come most times people mention the word `curry', they talk of Indian curry? Nothing wrong with Indian curries, but why don't people talk of Ceylonese/Sri Lankan curries?

Indian curries are quite rich with yoghurt whilst Ceylonese/Sri Lankan curries use coconut milk and are hotter!

I'd love to find out!

Curry Mad said...

Winter is almost upon us (In the southern hemisphere) and I dread the cold! One way to overcome this is a nice hot Sri Lankan curry "Just Curries" at http://www.currymad.net.

I suspect that most curries are consumed during any Winter time, Northern or Southern hemisphere where you can warm up quickly and cheaply and with great enjoyment cooking something different!